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206 - New! Punching Needle Kit

206 - New! Punching Needle Kit

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This Punching Needle kit was put together for us by Makeup Effects Supremo Lars Carlsson. There are 9 Needles in the kit ranging from a Super thick Needle for Thick coverage through to a Ultra Fine Needle for Finest Fibre

Brown Marking  - Very Heavy Needle for Hidden areas - Size 19 x 1

White Marking  - Normal for Human Hair - Size 36 x 2

Blue Marking  - Fine for thin Human hair - Size 38 x 2

Red Marking - Very fine Mohair or wool - Size 40 x 2

Yellow marking - Ultra Fine for the finest Fiber - Size 43 x 2

These needles are used to punch hair into silicone

I have used these for punching hair into a PU cap - the effect was a short Afro piece on a bald person.

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