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523 - Golden Supreme Elite Delux Tong Oven

523 - Golden Supreme Elite Delux Tong Oven

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Golden Supreme Elite Delux Tong Oven. This oven has a thermostat Heat Control with 10 settings and a new wide large mouth. DO NOT leave unattended when in use.

This oven gets very hot at approximately 420C

Each of the 10 settings reach the following temperatures:

Setting 1 - Approx 65C

Setting 2 - Approx 90C

Setting 3 - Approx 110C

Setting 4 - Approx 140C

Setting 5 - Approx 170C

Setting 6 - Approx 190C

Setting 7 - Approx 225C

Setting 8 - Approx 260C

Setting 9 - Approx 330C

Setting 10  - Approx 420C

Comes in a dark navy blue colour with gold handle.

Complies with BS EN 60335-2-23. European and British Standards.

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