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152 -NEW Ultimate Beginners Kit with Weaving Set


We call this the Ultimate Beginners Kit as you will not require anything else to get you started in the World of Wig Making. This kit contains everything that you will ever need as a Wig Maker plus a Weaving set.

All the items below have been discounted so it is cheaper to buy the kit than buy the items singularly.

** Due to rising prices we no longer sell hair with the Kits

Kit Contains:-

1 Malleable Head Block - You can request size on ordering- out note with order

1 Cradle

1 pair of Drawing Mats - Small 18cm x 17cm

40 Denier Swiss Front Lace Fabric by half metre x 60cm (19.5 x 23.5 inches)

Terylene Toupee Net - half metre x 60cm (19.5 x 23.5 inches) - Request colour on ordering

Soft Grip Scissors

Measuring Tape

Permanent Marker

Knotting Hook Holder

1 x German Hook - Small Size

1 x German Hook - Size 10 for Whipping

Small Box of Postiche Pins

Reel of Clear Thread

Reel of Cotton Thread

Metal Finger Guard/Shield

Pack of Hand Sewing Needles

5 Metres of 7mm Blocking Tape

Pair of Weaving Sticks and Clamps

Weaving Thread - Request colour on ordering

Kit Box for Small Items

Price does not include VAT