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000 - Sample Booklets - Various Fabrics - 4 different sets

000 - Sample Booklets - Various Fabrics - 4 different sets

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Here we have a selection of the different Laces, Nets and Miscellaneous fabrics.

 **Please always check the website before purchasing net/lace as we may discontinue a product if it does not sell or change product numbers.

You can choose which set you would like to buy, or buy all 4 sets.

1 - Swiss Front Laces: -  15 Denier HD Film lace, 17 Denier Film Lace, 20 Denier, 30 denier, 40 denier and 40 Denier SC.

2- Foundation Back Nets: - Swiss Terylene Toupee Net, Stiff Net/Veg Net, Film Base, Back lace Net,  Back Lace 50, Back Lace 60 and Honeycomb Net.

3 - Integration & Stretch Nets: - Swiss Integration Net/Stiff Net, Medium Integration net, Wanda Caul Net, Fine Traditional Caul Net, Stretch Caul Net and Extra Large Hole Caul net.

4 - Misc Fabrics: -  Real Silk, Mesh Stretch Net, Fine Stretch Net, Super fine PU, PU Cap and Monofiliment Fabric (Mono).

If you are unsure of the names of the fabric you can read detailed discriptions in the All things Foundation section.

Each set of Samples is £6.00

Price does not include VAT

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