* London Wig Making Classes - Tsai Stuart - London UK. Wig making school teaching all aspects of wigmaking - Foundations, weaving  - email wig.master@yahoo.co.uk.  www.wig-master.format.com 

* The Wig Academy - Eastbourne UK. Specialist Wig School for Theatre, Television and Film Wigs. www.thewigacademy.co.uk  - email info@thewigacademy.co.uk

* WAM - London UK. Specialist Wig School for Theatre, Television and Film Wigs. www.thewigsandmakeupstudio.com - email corinne@thewigsandmakeupstudio.com

* Katie's Wigs & Co - Leeds UK. Short Courses for all entry levels, Industry training in preparation for outwork -  www.katieswigs.com - email katie.hunt@katieswigs.com

* Campbell Wigs - London UK. Wigmakers delivering certificated wig making courses worldwide.  www.campbellwigs.co.uk - email info@campbellwigs.co.uk

* Isobel Donald - Scotland UK. Wigs,Hair & MakeUp Artist. Various Wig & Postiche making Certified short courses - www.isobeldonald.co.uk

 * GLH Wig Academy - Watford UK. National Habia Endorced Academy. Replacement Systems for Ladies and Men, Hair Extensions. www.glhwigacademy.co.uk

* WQHair - Waqqas Sheikh - Birmingham UK, nationwide and international

Teaching a range of courses from wig makers for beginners, advanced wig making and foundation construction. www.wqhair.com.  Phone 07596388703


I Make Wigs  USA - Gretchen Evens based near Atlanta Georgia USA. Offers live virtual and one to one classes in Wig Making and Weaving. www.Imakewigs.com, wigmakingclasses@gmail.com

Wiglet Wigs Poland - Certified Wig making courses for beginners, advanced and Masters. Wig Making, Postiche, Wefts for Film, TV and Theatre. www.wiglet.pl or email kontakt@wiglet.pl